pursuant to and for the effects of Articles 38 and 47 of DPR 28.12.2000 n.445 and aware of the consequences, inter alia, of criminal proceedings in the event of false statements by Articles 75 and 76 of the same DPR

- to have read the list rental, services and compensation and the current regulation for the provision of the bike rental service (below) which constitutes, for all purposes of law, user’s contract, whose general contractual conditions, in accordance with the regulations in force, state that they know and accept, with particular reference to the consequences incumbent on the charterer in case of damage caused, during the use of the vehicle, to himself, to the bicycle hired, to third parties and to things and to the discharge of the liability of the operator, in accordance with art.1341, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code, which are approved in writing at the time of signing this application form;

- to be informed, in accordance with art.7 of Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, n.196 and successive modifications, that the personal data collected will be processed, also using computer tools, exclusively in the context of the procedure for which this application is submitted.


The rental and the use of the bike must show a valid knowledge and the unconditional acceptance by the user of this regulation, the prices, the opening and closing times LakeBikeComo, owner of the goods and based in Como, viale Fratelli Rosselli 24/B.

  1.  To obtain the rental of an assisted bike the user must present a valid identity document in advance and formalize the contract. The rental is reserved for adults. Minors must be accompanied by an adult who takes all responsibility.The RENT service can you only pay by credit card.
  2. The use of bicycles presupposes the physical fitness and technical expertise of those who intend to carry them out. Therefore renting the bicycle, the user declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate competence.
  3. The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and it is to be treated with attention, common sense and diligence, so as to avoid damage to the bicycle and accessories. The use of the bicycle for commercial activities is prohibited and it is not possible to give it to other subjects.
  4. The user is responsible for the electric bicycle until it is returned to the operator; he is also responsible for the damages caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and to things during the use of the means. No compensation may be claimed from the Company.
  5. The user is obliged to comply with the rules of the road. The Company disclaims any form of liability in case of improper use of the vehicle or noncompliance with the rules of the Highway Code.
  6. The operator can carry out controls to the Users during the use of bicycles and can ask for their return if he sees the conditions of improper use of the vehicle. The Company may refuse to hire people who are drunk or under the effect of drugs (in accordance with Articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) and for other reasons to unquestionable judgement of the Company itself.
  7. In case of loss of keys or bicycle accessories or damage, the Company will ask the Customer for the sum necessary for the original restoration of the vehicle, on the basis of the price at the time of rental and the supplier’s quotation; in the event of total theft, the user must compensate the Manager of the amount established.
  8. The bike must be returned, in accordance with the timetable communicated, in the same place where it was rented. The bicycle is considered to be returned only if it is returned directly to the operator; the parking of the electric bicycle outside the rental point cannot be considered as returning during the closing time. Failure to return the bicycle without prior notification or otherwise not justified by exceptional circumstances will be considered as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the judicial authority.
  9. The user can ask the company to collect the bicycle, whose cost has to be agreed but the Company is not obliged to the intervention, therefore if it’s not possible it cannot be cause of non-compliance. It is in the interest of the operator to proceed to the withdrawal of the bicycle and only temporary contingencies.
  10. The User will have to pay from the start of the rental until he shows up for the closing of the rental contract, in addition to any charges for damages and total or partial theft.
  11. In case of theft of the electric bicycle, the User must submit to the Company a copy of the complaint made to the competent bodies and pay the amount equal to the value of the bicycle object of the theft (vd. Art. 7) which will be returned to him if the vehicle is found or recovered.

To the extent not mentioned in this Regulation, the relationship between the Parties (Contracting Parties) is governed
by the rules of the Civil Code. For any dispute between the Parties the competent court is Como.